Ways to Protect Sensitive Business Data from Getting Leaked

Ways to Protect Sensitive Business Data from Getting Leaked
August 23, 2021 Comments Off on Ways to Protect Sensitive Business Data from Getting Leaked Tech News Cleo Marks

With the development of technology, most businesses have taken their main communication and data storage platforms onto portable devices and media. While this eases the work that needs to be completed, it also increases the risk of data leaking out of your business. Data leakages impact a business in a negative way and can cause the loss of potential and existing customers alike.

Here are some ways you could follow to keep your data secure:

Identify Critical Data

Before jumping in to protect the sensitive data belonging to your business, it is important for you to identify critical data pertaining to your business. Categorize your data based on the amount of protection required and determine how you would use data loss prevention software to protect any sensitive information. If you do have any physical copies of this data, then make sure to purchase some office safes to store them in.

Identify All Endpoint Devices, Hardware and Software Connected to Your Network

Just like you were able to identify sensitive data that required extra protection, take the time to inventory the IT infrastructure of your company. By doing this you will be aware of all devices connected to your network and can monitor and track any suspicious activity.

Monitor Access and Activity of Data

Once you identify critical data and study your IT infrastructure, the next step you should take to prevent leakage is to monitor the traffic on the networks. By using a data monitoring system, you may be able to identify any unusual activity before a breach occurs.

Encrypt Sensitive Data

If you have not done this already, then make sure to encrypt any sensitive information. Encryption helps keep the data safe and has proven to be effective. Efficient encryption can render data that is stolen to be unreadable hence providing protection.

Filter and Control Email Content

By using content filtering, any confidential information and documents sent via email can be thoroughly scanned for potential threats. Content filtering can also help notify the administrator if someone within the company is trying to send out any confidential information.

Install Firewalls

The internet can also pose a threat to the sensitive data on your device. Installing a firewall can help protect computers and the network itself from any threats. A firewall is also taking action if they detect any potential leaks or unauthorized access by immediately blocking it or notifying the administrator.

Develop and Enforce Security Policies

To limit employees from mishandling information you could set some guidelines. These guidelines will inform employees on how they should handle the resources of the company. These security policies can help notify employees on how to manage data safely. This is also useful if there is any sort of leak/breach as the employee who caused the leak will have to take responsibility.

Use endpoint security measures as an extra layer of protection. With these data security measures in place, you will greatly reduce the risk of any data breaches and gain the trust of your customers as well.

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