Selecting a Packaging Material for Your Product

Selecting a Packaging Material for Your Product
December 25, 2021 Comments Off on Selecting a Packaging Material for Your Product Tech News Cleo Marks

When you are creating a product, you need to think about how you are presenting it to your customer as that is how you are going to market it. There is a lot involved in the packaging and how the consumers see your product.

You need to consider so many factors when selecting a material to pack your product in. You have to think about the sustainability of the packing material as this is something that the modern day consumer is looking for. It is also your responsibility as a company to take an active role in the protection of the environment. You have to think about how best to keep your product safe and how easy it is to pack the product with the chosen material. Think about the packaging that will most appeal to your customers. This will require an in-depth understanding of who your customer is and what they want. There are two types of packaging such as rigid and flexible packaging. Flexible packaging is a container that doesn’t have a fixed shape. The shape can be altered. These can be stretch film, flexible pouches etc. This type of packing is mostly used by companies specializing in food production, pharmaceutical companies and hardware companies.

Rigid packaging is packing where you cannot alter the shape. These allow more protection for the products. Some examples of rigid packing are plastic jars, glass bottles, corrugated boxes, aluminium cans etc. For example, you can see this kind of packing in a personalised wine box. Many food companies use this type of packing as well. But you need to determine which type is best for your requirements. Once you select the type of packing that you require, you need to look at the cost of the material to make sure that it is affordable and can be done within your packing budget. Not all packaging materials cost the same but you cannot make this decision based on price alone as well. You have to think about the long term gain of using the material. For example, some sustainable packing solutions can be more expensive but you will be attracting more customers and bringing in more sales as a result and this is something that will help your company in the long run.

The shipping cost is another consideration. With heavier packaging materials, you will have to pay more for the shipping. For example, you will pay more to transport items in glass jars compared to the same item packed in a flexible pouch. The environmental impact of your decision has to be taken into account as well. People will pay more money to buy products that are more sustainable and use sustainable packing so this is something that will help you stand out from the competition. You can also increase transparency to the public regarding the carbon footprint of the company and how you plan to reduce it with different measures. Another basic consideration when choosing a packaging material is the proportions of your product and weight. There are professionals who specialise in choosing packing solutions for different products and you will be able to get a good idea by consulting one in the beginning.

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