How To Remotely Log Out of Gmail?

Gmail is the most widely used and reputable email provider. It has simply made our lives simple and productive. The main forte lies in its accessibility from multiple devices. But suppose your laptop or mobile device is stolen or lost. In such a situation, it is crucial to know the ways of disconnecting your private accounts from it on an immediate basis. This requires you to log out of your Gmail account. This is especially true if you juggle between different computers for work and personal work as well.

This is primarily to ensure that you are signed out of your Gmail account when the devices concerned are not in use. Here, with the professional acumen of GmailnTechnical Support Australia, we will provide an insight on how to remotely log out of your Gmail account on iPhone as described below:

  • First, tap open the Gmail app icon, to prompt open the inbox.
  • Proceed by tapping on the three horizontal arrows, to the top left side of the screen. It would prompt open a pop-out menu.
  • Continue by tapping on a downward triangular arrow option. This is to the top right side of the inbox section. It would again enable a drop-down menu list.
  • From the menu list, tap on the manage account options. This is at the bottom of the list.
  • Then, to the top right side of the screen, click on the edit option.
  • Move forward by tapping on the remove button. You should do so adjacent to the account that you want to sign out.
  • Click on the Remove option once prompted. It would help you to remove the account and if applicable, return you to the last signed-in account activity or the screen.
  • Finally, tap done to the left side of the screen.

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